Our last Saturday together April 24th 2010

I am 29 and a widow. My wonderful husband died unexpectedly on April 28th, 2010. He was 30 and we had been married for only 6 months. He died of eosinophilic vasculitis and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart and associated vessels), a rare condition where it is 99% impossible to identify the trigger.

Chris loved life. He loved every minute of it. He laughed, traveled, worked to keep our country safe, coached kids of all ages, and generally never took his blessings for granted. He, more than anyone I have known, truly made the world a better place. I hope this website can be another way to keep Chris’s memory alive and to continue to have his life impact others.


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  1. Judy Sloan Says:

    I am so sorry. I wish there were words to make pain go away for all of us…for Mandy, after losing precious baby Hudson; for you, after the loss of your wonderful husband,Chris; and for me, after the sudden loss of my 29-year-old son, Matt, last June. But there are no adequate words, nothing that is going to fix this….we all find ourselves trying to keep going, to put one foot in front of the other, which sometimes works but just as often doesn’t. And now, 7 months after the worst day I could ever have imagined, I am maybe slightly better— but my life will never be whole again. I miss my boy with every fiber of my being, every day of my life. For you, even though at this point it doesn’t seem possible, there is the promise of a new love down the road, not to take the place of this love and certainly not to be the same—but to bring you joy in a new way. When you are ready to look ahead, you will do that—and not before. And when you do come to that point, I hope you will allow it for yourself, and know that is wonderful husband you love so much will be cheering from the sidelines. You will never forget him nor will you ever let him go—but you will eventually find more joy than sorrow in your memories of him. For now, stay close to his parents—-they desperately need you. When you do some day move on, I hope that you will try to keep them in your life…the most feared thing, speaking as a parent, is that you will lose the people who were important to your child, and that you will be all alone in remembering him.

    For now, please take it from someone much older than you who has learned through the years that things will not always be this hard, that there IS hope, and that the sweetness will return.

    Love in shared heartache,

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