I clearly have issues ….

July 11, 2012

… if I feel like I need to chug a couple of drinks before spending time with a friend.  I haven’t seen her in a long time and felt like I should see her, even if just to give her the baby blanket I made a while ago.  But I don’t really want to tell her about my life and I don’t really want to hear about hers.  So I feel like numbing myself to it would be easier.  Yep, I have issues.  Good thing I am in therapy. 

Being widowed sucks.  I don’t recommend it. 

Maybe I will just have one glass of wine instead with dinner, before the movie, and drink to all of you widow/ers out there who are doing something tonight that they would rather not do.


One Response to “I clearly have issues ….”

  1. megan Says:

    ha – I used to say “I don’t recommend it” when people asked me how I was doing.

    I see your raised glass, and I nod in acknowledgment.

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