Our Last Night Together

April 25, 2012

This night* two years ago, Chris and I spent our last night together. We had both had early dinner plans, I with a friend from work, he with the lacrosse team he coached.  We had talked about cancelling and just going home, but I am glad he got to see his kids one more time.

A shirtless Chris, napping on the couch

I beat him home and I remember being so impatient for him to get home.  Once he was home we did our standard cuddling on the couch watching tv, snuggled under a blanket.  I remember so vividly how we held each other and talked about how happy we were and how much we never wanted to be apart.  That we were meant to be together forever.  I asked him never to leave me and he said “Where would I go?”

We had no idea that was our last night together.  That as we lay there full of love and joy, he was dying.  He had less than 12 hours to live.  Dear God how can that be?

Even now I still cannot believe he is gone.  How could we be parted?  I know our last night together was a gift.  That God wanted us to be certain of the strength and joy of our love.  It is excrutiating to remember how happy we were and how much Chris loved me.  The loss is beyond words.


I love you.  I miss you every minute of everyday.  I can’t believe it has been two years since the last time we shared an evening and a bed.  How are you dead? I still do not understand.

All I know is that you live on in another form. That you haven’t really left me, just transformed. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

I will be beside you in time.

Your wife,



*The anniversary is techincally Saturday (28th), but Chris died on a Wednesday and in many ways I feel the anniversary is tomorrow


4 Responses to “Our Last Night Together”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you can take comfort in the time you shared together.

  2. Lynda M O Says:

    Love that it’s just been transformation, not departure. Many loved ones have transformed in the last four years and this way of looking at the events may segue my grieving into a more productive use of time and skills.

    Many thanks.

  3. widowedowl Says:

    Ron, thank you. I am sorry about Denise. I loved the pictures from your 4/21 post. Very full of life.

    Lynda, it has taken me a while to come to this perspective, but I truly believe it. There have been too many signs and feelings to think that he no longer exists.

    Love to you both.

  4. megan Says:

    I do those same reviews – how could we not know what huge thing was coming for us, normal and happy at breakfast, dead by lunch. How is any of it possible.

    wishing you some measure of peace these days ~ the Day and the Date.

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