Trying to bring a little Chris into my life

February 2, 2011

So there is snow on the ground here in DC from last weeks ridiculous storm (how I survived that is another post).  My niece was in town this weekend.  She and I are very close and she and Chris were very close.  I wanted to go to the cemetery and check on things but she hadn’t been since the burial.  I wasn’t sure she would want to go, but I remember liking going to my grandparents graves when I was her age and she didn’t protest so we went.

As I have said before, Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed the winter last year, full of sledding and snowmen and snowball wars.  So my niece and I decided to build a big snowman and make snow angles on Chris’s grave.  She seemed to really like it and wanted to make it look nice.  I tried to not think about him buried under all that snow, cold and in the ground, and tried to focus on the fact that Chris would have really enjoyed our playing in the snow. 

On the way to the car, we started a snowball fight with my parents.  She thought that was very cool.  I tried to imagine Chris throwing the snow balls with us (actually my aim was unusually good, maybe he helped out a bit).

Once we were back at my house, she and I sledded in the yard, like Chris and I did the year before.  She told me how she had so much fun and she was so happy she came to see me.

I really tried to focus on just enjoying time with her and think of just how much Chris would have enjoyed all of our playing.


One Response to “Trying to bring a little Chris into my life”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Love it. The kids and I did the same thing today: tried to enjoy playing in the snow. We decided to trail a giant heart in the backyard with our feet and wrote Daddy in the middle, the kids really wished he was there to play. Me too.

    Glad you were able to enjoy some time with your niece.

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