Chris’s Birthday

October 26, 2010

Chris’s birthday is in a week. I got an reminding me of his birthday and suggesting gifts I could buy him.  I wish that was what I was doing with my week, finding a great 31st birthday gift for Chris.  He never liked to make a big deal out of birthdays.  While lots of other people do week-long celebrations for their 30th, Chris just wanted me to take him to dinner and a movie.  I don’t remember what movie we saw, but I remember how happy he was that day, how much he loved his gift (a watch with a compass, he loved watches), and how we both felt so lucky to have each other.  I wonder if his heart was beginning to deteriorate yet or it was still healthy. 

I don’t know what I will do on his birthday this year.  I thinking waking up and not being able to tell him happy birthday will be so painful.  It seems so wrong.


Adding more

October 22, 2010

So I am trying add more to this site.  I haven’t really shared it with anyone yet, maybe I won’t ever share it, but it gives me something to focus on.  For those of you who have been there before, you know that finding a way to channel your energy is good. 

One of the things I have been working on is filling out the “Organizations I Support” section.  There are many organizations that have offered me a lot of support since Chris died as well as ones that meant something to Chris.  I am slowly adding links and descriptions so that people can use them as resources or to learn more about what was important to Chris. 

I am not sure what I will do next, but that is ok, I don’t have to.  One moment at a time.

I love you Chris!